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Group show of selected work by gallery artists.

March 19 - May 2, 2009

Robert Therrien, BLACK CLOUD, 1993-2000
Suzan Frecon, night and day, 2006
Jake Berthot, EGYPT, 1972
John Lees, UNTITLED, 1980-2008
Forrest Bess, UNTITLED (NO. 18), 1952
Alison Wilding, CORE II, 1985
Christopher Wilmarth, PORTRAIT OF A MEMORY, 1985
Alfonso Fratteggiani Bianchi, #255 A VERDE, 2005

Press Release

New York, NY – February 7, 2009 – Betty Cuningham Gallery is pleased to announce a group exhibition, titled Core, featuring works by Jake Berthot, Forrest Bess, Alfonso Fratteggiani Bianchi, Suzan Frecon, John Lees, Robert Therrien, Alison Wilding and Christopher Wilmarth, from March 19 through May 2, 2009 at 541 West 25th Street, New York City. 

The work for this exhibition was selected with the directive of finding a mysterious, psychological or personal center.  “Core” refers to the center, the soul or the heart (as in French “Coeur”).  The title, Core, is taken from a particular work in this exhibition by Alison Wilding.  The Wilding sculpture measures 156 inches in length: a thin, oval, rubber sheet, interrupted by a hand cut opening next to which is placed a polished brass vessel.

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