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Joan Synder

New Paintings

February 21 - March 24, 2007

ALIZARIN AND ICE, 2006, Oil, acrylic, twigs, seeds, fabric, paper,
LATE SUMMER POND, 2006, Acrylic, papier-mache, fabric,
MY SONG, 2006, Acrylic, papier-mache, herbs, buds,
SPIN, 2006, Acrylic, papier-mache, fabric,
DREAMTIME FOR EAS, 2006, Acrylic, oil, paper-mache, cloth,
JUST THE BEGINNING, 2007, Oil, acrylic, straw, herbs on linen

Press Release

New Paintings

Exhibition Dates:  Wednesday, February 21 – March 24, 2007

Opening:  Friday, February 23

On Wednesday February 21st, Betty Cuningham Gallery will open its second show for Joan Snyder. The exhibition, Joan Snyder: New Paintings is comprised of approximately 13 paintings completed by Snyder in 2006. 

Snyder’s exhibiting career in New York spans over 35 years. Known for her expressive sometimes confrontational style, the paintings are also intimate and deeply felt.  This new body of paintings explores the recurring motif of deep ponds which are depicted as literal pools of paint within many of the canvases.  Inspired perhaps by the landscape around her studio in Woodstock the paintings reflect a discourse with nature that takes her deep within her own narrative.

Symphony VI combines the pond with a signature style of separated, stacked swathes of color.  More structural in style, this painting records the passage of time and relates, for Snyder, to “movements” within a musical score.

In a departure from the canvases, a large diptych painted on panel stands apart.  In one panel a pond is depicted but the style is more diagrammatic. In the second panel, drawn glyphs move around a central axis as if Snyder is plotting her path to a new location.

Snyder’s work can be seen in New York City in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Jewish Museum which featured a major survey of Snyder’s work in 2005. Museums throughout the country include The High Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and The Dallas Museum of Fine Arts.

Upcoming shows include: Wack! Art and the Feminist Revolution, curated by Connie Butler, MOCA Los Angeles,  High Times Hard Times, New York painting 1967-1975 at The Weatherspoon Art Museum, North Carolina, traveling to American University Museum, Washington DC and National Academy Museum New York in 2007.

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