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William Bailey
VIA ROMA, 2003 
Pencil on paper
26 x 46 1/2 inches


William Bailey
VIA ROMA, 2003 
Pencil on paper
26 x 46 1/2 inches




Just over a year ago Mark Lewis came to the Betty Cuningham Gallery with a proposal. A long time and ardent admirer of William Bailey's work, he wanted to organize an exhibition of Bailey's works on paper (prints and drawings). Lewis, who is a professor at the art school at the University of Tulsa, had already invited William Bailey to come to the University as the 2006 Ruth Mayo Distinguished Visiting Artist. To make Bailey's visit even more meaningful, Mark Lewis proposed a simultaneous exhibition. Thus, through the efforts of many, the exhibit, William Bailey on Paper, and this catalogue were born. 
On behalf of the University of Tulsa, William Bailey and the Betty Cuningham Gallery, I wish to thank the Ruth Mayo family for establishing the Ruth Mayo Visiting Artist Endowment Fund and for selecting Bill Bailey as the 2006 recipient. Since 2001, this fund has provided a crucial opportunity each year for emerging artists to work with an established artist as well as the financial backing for this exhibition to take place. 
Our thanks go to the two originating museums in Tulsa, Oklahoma: Alexandre Hogue Gallery at the University of Tulsa, particularly Mark Lewis, and to the Philbrook Museum of Art, particularly to Chris Kallenberger. In addition, we wish to thank the other participating museum to which the exhibition will travel in 2007: The Wichita Art Museum, particularly Stephen Gleissner. 
Our gratitude goes to Karen Wilkin, who has shared her knowledge and insight in the catalogue's essay. And, finally our greatest debt is to William Bailey, who created the exceptionally fine drawings, works on paper, and prints that make up this exhibition. 


Betty Cuningham  Summer 2006 


This Catalogue has been published on occasion of the exhibition William Bailey On Paper; traveling exhibition 2006 - 2007.

Essay © 2006 Karen Wilkin
Catalogue © 2006 Betty Cuningham Gallery
Publisher: Betty Cuningham Gallery
541 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10001
In cooperation with the Alexandre Hogue Gallery, the University of Tulsa,
The Philbrook Museum of Art, and The Wichita Art Museum
Photographers: Christopher Burke, Oren Slor
Page 4: William Bailey with granddaughter, Mary Lou, 2005. Photograph by Louis C. Z.
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