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Catalogue cover

Philip Pearlstein
Oil on canvas
60 x 60 inches


I Get My Highs from Using My Eyes


Forty years ago, in 1971. I was invited to write an article in the New York Times about why I paint the way I do. My title was "I Get My Highs from Using My Eyes". The editor changed the title to "Why I Paint the Way I Do." I would not now change anything I wrote then. 


Essentially, I wrote that I decided to turn away from abstraction and expressionism around 1960. I wanted to paint only what I saw in front of me (usually nude models) without stylistic editorializing. But what at the beginning seemed like a simple idea became a Pandora's box.


This catalogue has been published on the occasion of the exhibition of Philip Pearlstein at the Betty Cuningham Gallery, New York 
November 4 - December 18, 201 O 
Photography: Christopher Burke Studios, Philip Ennik 
Design: Betty Cuningham Gallery, New York 
Printing: Advanced Printing, New York 
Catalogue © 2010 Betty Cuningham Gallery, New York 
Edition of 600 
ISBN 13 978-0-9830543-0-6  



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