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Charles Garabedian - Sacrifice for the Fleet - Publications - Betty Cuningham Gallery

Copyright 2015 L.A. Louvre ad charles Garabedian 

All works by Charles Garabedian 

Copyright Charles Garabedian. All rights reserved. 


ISBN: 978-0-9843051-9-3 

Artwork Photography by Jeff McLane 

Photographs of Charles Garabedian: 

Caren Levin -- p.11 , 68 

Courtesy of Charles and Gewn Garabedian -- p.11 


Catalogue designed by Stefan G. Bucher,  344 Design

Printed by Typecraft, Wood and Jones, Pasdena, CA 


Catalogue Corridination by Christina Carlos 

Edited by Christina Carlos, Elizabeth East and Lisa Jann 


"Apple Cores Thrown in the Monastery: The New Work of Charles Garabedian" 

Copyright Ed Schad


This catalogue was published on the occation of the exhibition Charels Garabedian: Sacrifice for the Fleet 

October 8 - Novemner 7, 2015  


The cover of this publication comes in a variety of colors.