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Philip Pearlstein at LewAllen Galleries

In a career that spans nearly 70 years, figurative painter Philip Pearlstein challenged the art world by reintroducing realism into modernist art. Painting from live models in a studio environment, Pearlstein de-romanticizes the human figure in his compositions, treating them with the same neutrality as other objects in the room, like an element of a still life. But, during the COVID-19 pandemic, he found himself without live models to paint, and he turned to other subject matter. Drawing solely from a collection of artifacts — including toys, textiles, and antiques, which he often used in his figurative paintings — he produced a series of 20 still-life watercolors. The paintings provide a glimpse into Pearlstein’s world of antiques and collectibles and showcase the artist’s imaginative approach to structure and composition. Philip Pearlstein: Treasures from the Studio, an exhibit of the recentwatercolors, continues at LewAllen Galleries through July 23.