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Greg Drasler

"Metaphorical depictions of construction sites and workers have inspired Greg Drasler’s paintings since the early 1980s. Accumulations of tools and objects populated his paintings, addressing the construction of identity.  Crowds of men in hats along with the baggage paintings contained humor, nostalgia, and memory in ongoing assemblies of selves. Drasler describes his painting process as packing and re-packing an empty suitcase or painting the inside out.


Drasler’s current work, Road House Project, continues the use of assembly procedures in constructing patterned panoramas. His current exhibition Crowded Places / Open Spaces is at the Betty Cuningham Gallery, NYC. Through March 20, 2021. It includes Road House paintings, Hats Painting and a series titled Bus Stops and Checkpoints.


Drasler is the recipient of a National Endowment Grant, a NYFA grant, a Guggenheim Fellowship and a Pollock Krasner Fellowship. Read more about his work at Art Spiel."