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"My friends, with so much uncertainty these days, we need more than ever to get positive art news and experiences. This morning, I received delightful news from LA Louver Gallery about its online exhibition, featuring the works of the well-known LA painter, Charles Garabedian (1923-2016). This exhibition, Charles Garabedian: Outside the Gates, is done in collaboration with Betty Cuningham Gallery in New York. If you had the chance to see Garabedian’s works at LA Louver Gallery, which represented him for more than 40 years, you will always remember his colorful and highly theatrical compositions inspired by Biblical stories and Ancient Greek mythology. In 2011, Santa Barbara Museum of Art honored Charles Garabedian with a sprawling retrospective covering a half-century of his art making. I have to admit that this online exhibition gives an authentic sense of joy that I remember experiencing seeing his works in person." - Edward Goldman